Whitney & St. Joseph Plantations Tour

Whitney Plantation

St. Joseph Plantation

Whitney & St. Joseph Plantations Tour: $115 Per Person 

8:30 AM – 2:30 PM or 11:30 AM – 5:30 PM

Lunch is not included. This tour runs any day we reach a minimum of 5 people.

Follow us off the beaten path, away from tourist crowds! On this unique pilgrimage back to the Antebellum South, we’ll drive you north along the Mississippi River to visit two unique Louisiana Plantations.

Whitney Plantation

First, there’s a scenic crossing of the Mississippi River on a high suspension bridge and then, a short ride upriver brings you to Whitney Plantation’s Museum of Slavery. You’ll hear raw historical facts and witness the harsh realities of a dark side of American history. Your tour guide brings you through historic buildings and explains the museum’s exhibits. In addition, slave narratives and memorial artwork recreate the world of a pre-Civil War sugar plantation and the lives of the slaves who toiled here.

Scene from Whitney Plantation Slave Exhibit

St. Joseph Plantation

A short ride through sugar cane fields brings you to St. Joseph Plantation. This is a Creole-style family-owned working sugar cane plantation in operation since 1877. Your tour guide will give you a fascinating glimpse into the lives of the many interesting people who called this plantation ‘home’. Family members even personally guide many of the tours! You’ll enjoy this relaxed, intimate visit to tour an ancestral home that includes original slave cabins. Perhaps you’ve seen the movie,”12 Years a Slave?” They filmed it on location here.   

The Four Caldrons at St. Joseph Plantation

  • Whitney Plantation is not open on Tuesday, so we take you to Laura Plantation instead.
  • St Joseph Plantation is not open on Wednesday, so we take you to Laura Plantation instead.
  • The order of your tour may be different from the description above depending on availability and weather conditions.